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  The fact that Emily is making a career in theatre would be of no surprise to anyone who has ever known her.


Growing up in Upstate, New York, her parents kept her entertained by showing her any and all musical VHS's in existence, and soon she had every one of them memorized, performing them for anyone who would give her more than 30 seconds of attention.


She began studying voice at 11, received her BFA in Music Theatre from University at Buffalo, and all but ran for NYC following graduation. Since then, she has been incredibly fortunate to travel the world with Disney, tour across the US with the Rock of Ages 10th Anniversary National Tour, and has performed in countless workshops, readings and concerts around New York and the US.


She lives in NYC where she doubles as a headshot and lifestyle photographer, and shares a cozy apartment uptown with her husband, Josh, and their dog, Julie Andawoos.


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